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Starstim fNIRS Integration

Starstim fNIRS Integration is a lightweight head wearable and wireless research and medical grade tES-EEG-fNIRS solution that allows measurements of resting-state and task-related cortical activity (EEG) and hemodynamics (fNIRS) before, during and after transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) in real world settings.

The Optimized transcranial Electrical Stimulation (OptEStim) Software Solution - included in the Advanced Support Package

Beyond the current Starstim fNIRS Integration, the new OptEStim software from Silverline Research enables new and unprecedented levels of Optimisation in brain stimulation (tES) experiments using real-time brain-state monitoring by two versatile (EEG and fNIRS) brain imaging techniques without the need for additional software or hardware.

This OptEStim software tool synchronizes with the Starstim NIC2 and Octamon/Brite Oxysoft software to enable:

  • Incredible efficiencies for real-time fNIRS-EEG analytics

  • Personalize stimulation experiments based on real-time fNIRS-EEG data

  • Quick and efficient pilot testing of closed-loop stimulation experimental protocols

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In real-time and on one interface, you will be able to:

  • Chart and track brain activity (EEG) and hemodynamic (fNIRS) data visualization

  • Create powerful and instant EEG-fNIRS analytics

  • Define and quickly pilot test optimized open-loop and closed-loop tES programs (entrainment and conditonal programs included)

  • View immediate EEG-fNIRS metrics assessment of optimized closed loop tES for quickly establishing new diagnostics and stimulation protocols.

News & Events

Dr Muthalib will present at the ARTscientitifc webinar series on 17 June 2020 at 2pm CET (register here):Optimized transcranial Electrical Stimulation (OptEStim) with fNIRS/EEG imagingAs transcranial electrical stimulation (tES: tDCS, tACS, tRNS) research and technology evolve, methods to optimise tES protocols are necessary to personalise and enhance the effects of neuromodulation. Open-loop tES protocols apply standard tES parameters (current amplitude, frequency and duration) for one-size fits all; while closed-loop tES protocols allow individual brain-state dynamics to modify ongoing tES parameters. Brain-state neurovascular dynamics during and after tES neuromodulation can be measured non-invasively using fNIRS (hemodynamics) and EEG (neuronal activity) imaging methods. The Starstim fNIRS integration solution is a head-wearable and wireless tES-EEG-fNIRS system that combines the Neuroelectrics Starstim tES-EEG and Artinis fNIRS technologies. The new OptEStim software is compatible with the Starstim NIC2 and Brite/Octamon Oxysoft software, which offers advanced software-level capabilities for brain-state neurovascular dynamics determination that allows real-time EEG-fNIRS monitoring and analytics (e.g., EEG alpha power and fNIRS O2Hbmean), and provides different open-loop and closed-loop programs to run experimental protocols using the Starstim fNIRS system. The OptEStim software solution enables quicker tES protocol development and pilot testing for optimising tES protocols. The presentation will cover the background to tES and fNIRS/EEG technology and research/clinical applications before presenting the Starstim fNIRS integration solution and OptEStim software
We will be at the Neuroelectrics Hands-On Training Workshop in Barcelona, Spain Nov 22-23, 2018
We will be at ARTscientitifc 2018: Artinis NIRS symposium in Phuket, Thailand, June 27-30, 2018
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