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Silverline Research is committed to optimizing human performance and brain plasticity by providing state-of-the-art and innovative solutions in research & development of integrated brain stimulation and imaging technologies

Non-Invasive & Integrated Solutions...

Silverline Research has accumulated over 15years of academic and research expertise in electrical brain stimulation technologies (tES, rTMS, DBS, NMES) and successfully developed integrated solutions combining these electrical stimulation techniques with non-invasive neuroimaging (fNIRS, fMRI) and electrophysiological (TMS, EEG) techniques.

This extensive knowledge base in brain stimulation and imaging technologies enables Silverline Research to provide state-of-the-art and innovative research support solutions in a wide range of research and clinical applications.

Optimized transcranial Electrical Stimulation (OptEStim) Training Platform for the Starstim fNIRS Integration

As transcranial electrical stimulation (tES: tDCS, tACS, tRNS) research and technology evolve, methods to optimise tES protocols are necessary to personalise and enhance the effects of neuromodulation. Open-loop tES protocols apply standard tES parameters (current amplitude, frequency and duration) for one-size fits all; while closed-loop tES protocols allow individual brain-state dynamics to modify ongoing tES parameters.

Brain-state neurovascular dynamics during and after tES neuromodulation can be measured non-invasively using fNIRS (hemodynamics) and EEG (neuronal activity) imaging methods. The Starstim fNIRS integration is a head-wearable and wireless tES-EEG-fNIRS system that combines the Neuroelectrics Starstim tES-EEG and Artinis fNIRS technologies.

OptEStim training platform developed by Silverline Research provides advanced level training on the capabilities of the Starstim fNIRS Integration for brain-state neurovascular dynamics determination using joint EEG-fNIRS imaging, and provides open-loop and closed-loop programs to test different tES-fNIRS/EEG experimental protocols using the Starstim fNIRS system.

OptEStim Training Platform details:

OptEStim training platform integrates with the the Starstim NIC2 and Brite/Octamon Oxysoft software, to offer advanced software-level capabilities for real-time monitoring and analysis of EEG and fNIRS metrics (e.g. EEG-Alpha peak and fNIRS-O2Hbmean), including novel heart rate (HR) and variability (HRV) metrics extracted from fNIRS signals.

An original feature of the OptEStim platform is the ability to define different open-loop (i.e., standard tES protocols) and closed-loop (Entrainment and Conditional programs included) programs to test experiments using the Starstim tES parameters (tDCS, tACS, tRNS) using EEG and/or fNIRS metrics to close the loop.

The Entrainment closed-loop program allows the user to define the EEG metric (e.g., initial Alpha peak power) to close the loop; while the Conditional closed-loop program allows both EEG (e.g., Alpha COG, Gamma peak power) and fNIRS (Mean O2Hb, HHb, HR, HRV) metrics to set the threshold for tES.

As part of the Starstim fNIRS Integration Service packages, online demonstrations of the OptEStim Training Platform will be provided by Silverline Research to test your tES-fNIRS/EEG experimental protocol to verify:

  • Synchronous tracking of brain activity (EEG) and hemodynamics (fNIRS)

  • instant visualizations of EEG-fNIRS analytics

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